Welcome to the Party!

Hi there!  Welcome to our party.

A few years ago we (Autumn & Kelly) had the oh-so-fabulous idea to start a blog featuring the things and people we love called Musings from Momtogs.  We quickly learned that setting up a successful blog took a little more work than we could bite off at that time.  Fast forward to 2016 and we’re ready to rock the blogging world with a whole lot more to say.  We’ve recruited some amazing new bloggers to join the team and Hopefully the Kids Survive” was born.  Hopefully this time the blog survives. ;o)

We have recruited two amazing “subject matter experts” (i.e. mommas with lots of knowledge to share!) along with the two of us to blog.

Alicia:  A military wife with two kids and another on the way who is a gym rat, furniture painter, foodie, & professional bath taker.

Jenn: The greatest lover of Pinterest quite possible ever.  She’s a mommy who loves leggings, DIY craft projects & fast food.

Then, of course, there is the two of us… Autumn: Mommy to a beautiful daughter with twin boys on the way who loves photography, beauty products & crock pot recipes.

And finally, Kelly: Mommy to a wild & crazy ginger toddler that has many addictions in her free time including big sunglasses, makeup (a’la Sephora), good books, Netflix & iced tea.

The four of us together will share our exploits in crafting, cooking, beauty & product reviews.  If fate is on our side, we’ll hopefully share the successful adventures of our wild & crazy children.  If we are a success we’ll be here in 18 years telling you THE KIDS SURVIVED our parenting!  (I wonder if blogging will even exist in 18 years.  Hm… things to ponder when you’re changing that next stinky diaper.)

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