Beauty Battle: Shampoo

Very few things bring out opinions like beauty products.  Women will battle until the end to prove that their favorite lipstick, mascara or foundation is the best.  Don’t believe me?  Ask your best friend what her favorite beauty product is and tell her you hate it!  She’ll give you the 90 reasons why you’re using it wrong, you need to try it again or you bought the wrong shade.  Devotion to beauty products is unwavering.  The ladies at HtKS have decided to battle it out for you!  We’ll share our favorite and least favorite items and if we have a difference of opinions on one we’ll battle it out.

 The Item: Shampoo Beauty Battle: Shampoo Generic Value

Autumn’s Pick: So I’m one of those weirdos who doesn’t wash her hair. I wash once a week and use dry
shampoo in between! (I’ll be blogging about that next month so make sure to stay tuned!) I’ve always been a huge fan of Biolage Matrix shampoos and conditioners. I love the smell of them and love the way they make my hair feel but I DON’T love the price of them or how hard they are to find in my small town though. I have to drive at least 30 minutes to be able to purchase! By the time I spent money on gas and the shampoo, it just wasn’t worth it to me.

I was chatting with my hair stylist and she told me that Sally Beauty sells a generic version of Biolage Matrix shampoos (The brand is called Generic Value Products). What?!? I had to go check it out!! Sure enough, I found the generic version of my favorite Biolage shampoo (Ultra Hydrasource). The icing on the cake? It was only $7!!!

For $7 I could definitely give it a shot. I bought the Generic Value Products Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioning Balm and took them home to give them ago. You guys, I was SHOCKED! This stuff was exactly like my beloved Biolage!!! The GVP shampoo smelled the same, felt the same and lathered the exact same as the Biolage!! I started looking at the bottles and noticed on the back they have a comparison of the Generic Value Product Hydrating Shampoo and Matrix Biolage Ultra Hydrosource Shampoo. 99% of the ingredients are the same!!

I know some of you are probably thinking of the Suave version of Biolage that Walmart and drugstores sell. This is NOT the same stuff. The GVP products are have a much more creamy and thick consistency compared to the Suave version. If you’ve tried and love the Suave brand, give the GVP brand ago. You’ll be shocked at the difference!

If you love the Matrix Biolage shampoos, definitely give the Generic Value Products brand a try! You can use those savings to splurge on more GVP products. They make generic shampoos, conditioners and styling products for brands like It’s A 10, Kenra, Paul Mitchell!

Beauty Battle: Shampoo Living ProofKelly’s Pick: About a month ago I noticed that my hair was falling out in an alarming amount.  My doctor
immediately tested my thyroid and the results came back with no issues.  It seems my hair was just unhealthy and deciding to shed… a ton!  I had been kicking around the idea of trying out Living Proof‘s Perfect Hair Day (PHD) line after receiving a sample of their 5-in-1 styling treatment and loving it.  The hair loss pushed me to stock up on some Living Proof products to try.

Living Proof is all about using science to improve your hair.  They even provide you with a questionnaire based tool to determine which products best fit your need.  I settled on the Living Proof PHD shampoo.  The first week of use I didn’t love it.  It was just a shampoo to clean my hair.  The second week I noticed that my hair was shinier, in better shape and wasn’t shedding as badly.  I almost always purchase “salon quality” shampoo but typically it’s whatever is on the latest and greatest sale.  This is the first product I will spend full price purchasing because I love it.

The perk: A little goes a long way!  I have been using a 2 ounce sample for two weeks with a ton remaining.  I am using the entire Living Proof line – shampoo, conditioner, 5-in-1 styling treatment and nightcap treatment which could be contributing to the product’s success.

Try Living Proof today by saving $10 at Ulta using my referral link!

Jenn’s Pick:  When it comes to shampoo, if it’s on the shelf at Target I’ve probably tried it. Most leave my hair feeling dry, flat (thank you volumizing shampoo), and greasy. Since I’m still searching for that perfect shampoo/conditioner combo (or maybe because I like to try new products with pretty packaging), I change shampoos frequently. This week I’m using Pantene Pro-V Color Revival shampoo and conditioner. My thoughts? It’s just ok. It does the job without leaving my hair feeling too greasy, but I don’t feel like my hair color is being “revived” by any means. To get that added shine, I just resort to a coconut oil hair mask and it works every time.

Jenn’s Diss: The Not Your Mother’s Haircare Line’s Way to Grow Long & Strong Shampoo (wow, that’s a mouthful). Kelly recommended that I try this shampoo on one of our many Target trips, so I took the plunge. I tried this shampoo for a solid two weeks thinking the results would get better. Much to my disappointment, things only got worse. I can describe this shampoo with one word. Yikes.  Stringy and greasy hair for days, ya’ll. My recommendation? Just stay away.

beauty-battle-suave-shampooAlicia’s Pick: My favorite shampoo is a cheapy but a goody! Here is the details on my hair type and washing habits. I have wavy to curly thick but moderately fine hair. My scalp is on the dry side and I do tend to have some frizz.

I don’t color my hair often. I had balayage done about a 6 months ago and it is still going strong.  I also don’t wash often. One to two times a week max, but I use dry shampoo in between washes.

On to the good stuff! I love Suave Professionals Mint and Rosemary shampoo. It is a dup of Aveda Rosemary Mint and sells for $2.94 for 28 ounces at Walmart. The mint is so cooling on my scalp and the scent is not artificial smelling like a lot of hair products. It does the job and cleans my hair without leaving a residue or drying it out. It is a quality shampoo without the bells and whistles at an amazing price!

The Results: It doesn’t look like there’s a standout winner amongst us this time.  We each have our favorites however we definitely have a battle on whether Not Your Mother’s Hair is amazing or meh!  What say you internet?  Have you tried it?  Whose side are you on the love it (Kelly) or hate it (Jenn)?

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