Trick or Treat!: Easy & Fabulous Costumes for Kids

If you’re like the four of us then you have a deep love for Halloween and costumes but you also have a very busy month of October!  October is the busiest month of the year for photographers which makes Autumn & Kelly half insane during the month!  Jenn & Kelly both have littles with birthdays in October.  And Alicia’s kids are still settling into school.  October is pure insanity.  As much as we would love to have elaborate costumes for our littles the reality is that probably won’t happen on most years.  That doesn’t mean we cannot be creative though!

We present to you our fabulously simple yet oh-so-fabulous costumes of 2016.

Miss A (Kelly’s Daughter): Lucille Ball from I Love Lucy
My theory on Halloween is rather simple: Until my child is old enough to battle me on what she wants to be I control the costume.  Ha!  Sorry, not sorry.  Since she has red hair I tend to play it up on Halloween.  This year her Aunt Jenn & I thought it would be hilarious to turn her into Lucille Ball.  I did not anticipate that half of the younger generation would have no clue that I Love Lucy or Lucille Ball ever existed.  I am fairly confident I found the root of all our world’s issues!  We need to bring back Lucy!

A photography client referred me to the lovely Amanda from Segsworth Designs  to create A’s Lucy costume.  For $35 she made a stunning blue dress with white polka dots, a apron and headband.  A quick trip to Target for a $2 mini-whisk plus grabbing a small bowl out of her toy food and we were ready!  It took us a few extra days to teach her to yell “Ricky!”  But she finally got it down.

Miss H (Autumn’s Daughter): Aurora
My girl is obsessed with princesses! Her current obsession is Aurora so of course, we had to be Aurora for Halloween. I’m a big thrift shopper and actually found this costume on a Facebook yard sale site for $12. I found her tiara and wand on the clearance rack at Claire’s Boutique for $10 making the total spent on this outfit $22!! Since I didn’t spend a lot on this outfit I didn’t feel bad about letting her wear it to school for the day! I think she’s the most beautiful Sleeping Beauty ever! 😉

Miss E (Jenn’s Daughter): A Piratehalloween-pirate-costume

Being the Pinterest addict that I am, I’m usually all about the DIY costumes. However, this October was a little crazier than usual for my family so I decided to settle for the quick and simple route and go with a store bought costume. I searched online for costume options before I went to the Halloween store, but this cute little pirate costume for $20 was too adorable to pass up. Is she not the cutest pirate you’ve ever seen? I found the little spyglass you see in the picture on Amazon for $3 to compliment her costume.

I decided that my husband and I should dress up last minute (as of 9am on Halloween). It took some persuading, but he agreed if it was “just a t-shirt”. TMNT sounded like something he would be ok with, so I ran with it. Not to mention, it was one of our only options left at the Halloween store. I added the mask in last minute and that took even more persuading (men!), but thankfully he agreed to wear it for the picture.  I’ll call that a win!

Mr. M & Ms. K (Alicia’s Littles): Darth Vader and Princess Leia from Star Wars

Our Halloween theme was led by Max this year. He picked Darth Vador early on and the rest of us jumped on board. Kiley is 12 this year, which means she wanted the candy but did not care much about dressing up. So I found a low key Princess Leia outfit on Pinterest and copied away!

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