Hello Fresh, I Think I Love You! | First Box Review

Before the holidays I signed up for my first Hello Fresh box and promised I would review.  I’m just now getting around to making this blog happen.  Better late than never though, right?  Let’s dive into this… (Don’t give up until the end.  There’s $40 off your first box!)

When I signed up I decided to try out the Classic Meal box.  Hello Fresh also has a Family & Veggie box.  I decided to go the Classic route because the Family meals didn’t overly appeal to me (lots of soups and sandwiches) when I checked out past menu options and vegetarian was out because I LOVE meat.

Within 4 days my box arrived.  I was nervous about the fact that I would not be home when a box full of meat arrived.  The week it was delivered we were experiencing unseasonable warm temperatures and I had visions of spoiled food stinking up the entire neighborhood.  Luckily Hello Fresh knows what they are doing and packages the items ingeniously so they stay fresh.  Each meal comes boxed individually with seasonings, produce and other non-perishable items while the items that need to be refrigerated are located at the bottom of the large box with ice packs.  I loved how neatly it was all packed and easy to store.  I stacked the boxes neatly on my refrigerator until they were ready to use.


At first glance the portions look very small.  I chose the two person meal plan which was plenty for my husband, three year old daughter & myself.  We kicked off the week with a delicious chicken recipe which included carrots, zucchini and rice.  In my family I am the pickiest eater and even I loved this one.  It was delicious and only took a little over a half hour to prep/cook.

The second meal of pork chops with a cherry glaze, potatoes and broccoli was my favorite.  The cherry glaze was the best I have ever tasted and I plan on making it over and over again.  Finally the third day was a beef on spinach with a pasta/rice and red pepper.  I’m not going to lie to y’all… this dish absolutely disgusted me except for the meat.   My husband & daughter both liked it.  In defense of the recipe, I have major issues with food texture and the idea of warm spinach really weirded me out.

And now for the less than pleasant news about day four: when I went to open the produce for the fourth day it was starting to spoil.  Ick!  I should have planned accordingly and checked on day 1 to see which items may not make it through the entire week (even though they’re supposed to!)  A quick call to Hello Fresh made me a true believer in the company!  They apologized for the issue and immediately credited me $20 for the meal.  I used a coupon to purchase this box and didn’t pay near $20 per meal.  They could have prorated the credit but they didn’t.  The entire interaction proved that their customer service is top notch! hello-fresh-first-box-review

Obviously I love the convenience, customer service and food from Hello Fresh but the fact that my daughter absolutely loved helping mommy cook made me fall madly in love.  Each day when we came home from work/school she immediately picked a box to make that evening and helped me prep (as much as a three year old can) our meal.  She loved washing and drying the food, and sneaking bites of the items she could safely eat when raw.  hello-fresh-first-box-review

If you’d like to give Hello Fresh a try hop on over via this link  for $40 off your first box!

As always in the interest of honesty, I was not paid for this review.  I paid for the Hello Fresh box myself but utilized a coupon from a friend!  This blog includes affiliate links.

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